Reiki – What is it? How can it help you or your patients?

Reiki - What is it? How can it help you or your patients?

Monday, June 16, 2014

Reiki, pronounced Ra-kee, is a Japanese form of energy therapy that was introduced to the United States in the 1930s. In Japanese, “Rei” refers to higher intelligence/God’s wisdom; while “Ki” means life force energy.

As in most complementary/alternative modalities, the assumption in Reiki is that disease/illness is caused by energy that is blocked/sluggish. The Reiki practitioner facilitates the removal of blockages, the renewal of energy flow, and the infusion of Universal healing energy into the patient.

The Reiki session is conducted with the client fully clothed and lying or sitting comfortably. The practitioner, using hands either several inches above the body or lightly touching, assesses the client’s energy flow and works to return balance to the client’s system.

Most report that they feel very relaxed and refreshed after a Reiki session. Some report a reduction of pain symptoms and relief of stress and anxiety. While others feel muscles relax and release. Often there is deep emotional peace which makes Reiki very helpful and comforting in the areas of palliative care and hospice.

Reiki practitioners are trained and certified by a Reiki Master who has learned and “lived” with the Reiki principles of self-healing and the healing of others.

There are three levels of Reiki practice:

Level I Reiki-Self-Healing teaches hand placements and areas of body to balance energy or bring healing energy to specific location.

Level II Reiki-Healing Energy with Others teaches the ethics and practice of present or distant healing with the opportunity to experience the hands sensing where energy requires movement or areas needing energy to heal.

Master Level Reiki Master is achieved after extensive personal/client practice and is able to teach and

attune others to the use of Reiki energy.

Nurse Navigators 4 Integrative Healing is offering Reiki Levels I & II trainings in Greenwood, SC. Level I will be offered on August 9, 2014. There are 6CEs available to professionals through the South Carolina Nurses Association for each level. To register for the course complete the pdf registration on line or contact Barbara Warner at .